Updated on September 20, 2022


Please fill out the puppy application and we will get back to you.
Please review our guarantee, how puppies are selected, and how our pups are raised.

Please note:  We do not take application fees for specific litters.  Once an application fee is received, you will be placed on our general wait list for mini, or mediums, or both if you’d like.

We will contact you when a litter is available.  If not interested, you simply pass and we will contact you again once we have more availability. 

Goldendoodle Acres reserves the right to keep any pup(s) from a litter until they reach 7 weeks of age.


 Petite Mini Goldendoodle 

Penny, 15 Lbs X Finley, 20 Lbs

Due Mid October, 2022 


Previous litter below 


 Mini Goldendoodle 

Harley, 24 Lbs X Paavo, 35 Lbs

Due Mid October, 2022 



 Mini Goldendoodle 

Ellie, 40 Lbs X Sawyer, 23 Lbs

Due Late October, 2022 



 Medium Goldendoodle 

Luna, 31 Lbs X Cash, 54 Lbs

Due Late October, 2022 



 Medium Goldendoodle 

Hadley, 50 Lbs X Sam, 32 Lbs

Due Late October, 2022 



 Medium Goldendoodle 

Daisy, 30 Lbs X Teddy, 55 Lbs

Due Mid November, 2022 



Peite Mini Goldendoodle 

Elsa, 18 Lbs X Jax, 24 Lbs

Due Late November, 2022 



  This is our Fall/Winter, 2022 line up!

All of these litters will go home between Early December 2022 to Mid January, 2023

  1. Penny, 15 lbs x Finley, 20 lbs———————-Due Mid October PETITE MINI
  2. Harley, 24 lbs x Paavo, 35 lbs ———————-Due Mid October MINI
  3. Ellie, 40 lbs x Sawyer, 23 lbs ————————Due Late October MINI
  4. Luna, 31 lbs x Cash, 54 lbs————————–Due Late October MEDIUM
  5. Hadley, 50 lbs x Sam 32lbs ————————Due Late October MEDIUM
  6. Daisy 30 lbs X Teddy 55 lbs—————————Due Mid November MEDIUM 
  7.  Elsa, 18 lbs X Jax, 24 lbs—————————–Due Late November PETITE MINI 

Note:  Pups born in a certain size category will not necessarily stay in that size catergory.  For example, Lucy, 25 lbs x Vinny, 30 lbs can produce a 40 lb adult dog…    




You can view these girls and boys on my website.  They are all in alphabetical order.  Many of these girls are new, and we are working on getting them on the website once they cycle.