Think You Know How To Raise A Pup??

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and educational experience! They key word here is EDUCATION. Whether you are a first time puppy owner, or have loved many dogs in your lifetime, we want to make sure that you have the latest and greatest techniques to ensure this puppy raising experience is joyful for you and your new puppy. Goldendoodles and doodles in general are extremely smart and eager to please, but they need leadership and guidance from their human to teach them how to become the best dog they can be. This requires training on your part. Get the kids involved! It’s a very empowering and a great skill for kids to master! Please remember, you need to go through the program PRIOR to bringing your puppy home so you and the whole family are prepared.

Please sign up for the Baxter and Bella training program and take advantage of all of the amazing expertise, tips, tricks, and support. You, your family, and especially your new dood, will appreciate it!


Download your complimentary “What to expect when you’re expecting… A puppy” thanks to Baxter & Bella. Download here.