Meet the Schommers

Hello, Thanks for visiting our website at Goldendoodle Acres!  We are Bob and Janece Schommer and have been married 34 years. We have 2 great kids and live in the beautiful countryside of Neenah, WI on a 3 acre parcel of land that sports a ravine and a pond where our dogs love to play!

I fell in love with dogs at a young age as my mother was also a dog breeder. I was helping to whelp puppies by the time I was 8. By the age of 10, I had shown dogs in both conformation and obedience classes and competitions. After college, marriage, and children, I decided to pursue my love of dogs by becoming a good, quality breeder. But what breed? I couldn’t decide. Then, one day while surfing the internet for different dog breeds, I came across a puppy that needed a foster home for 1 year until she was ready to be trained as a service dog. She would be servicing a 5 year old boy with severe medical problems. I jumped at the chance! “Taffy” was the smartest, cutest, most wonderful dog we had ever met! Our whole family adored her and it was very difficult to give her up after that year was over. Turns out, I was told by the trainers at my local dog club that she was a Goldendoodle! I said, “A what?” I had never heard of them but started researching them like crazy. After much searching and reading, I couldn’t find anything negative about the breed and had found so many wonderful things that I made my decision to breed this wonderful hybrid. This has been a very exciting journey for our family. Everyone is involved. My husband, Bob, has been wonderful in designing excellent methods of cleaning the “not so nice” part of the job. Both of the children are involved with socializing and caring for the puppies. Our puppies are in our home for the first 4 weeks of life and are exposed to cats, dogs, people, kids, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc. The pups’ temperaments reflect the fact that so much time and attention has been given to their upbringing. I am a firm believer in producing the healthiest dogs possible.

In my opinion, there is no other reason to be a breeder unless you are trying to continually improve the genetics and temperament of the breed. Not only do we strive for great genetics here at Goldendoodle Acres, but temperament plays a huge role in our breeding program as well.  I truly enjoy mentoring new breeders who are dedicated to the breed and doing things the right ethical way.

We hope you enjoy your visit on our website and hope to see you here at our home as well!

Bob and Janece Schommer