Our Moms

Please note that all of our girls and boys live in guardian homes where they are well-loved and cherished family members. They only come “home” to our house to have their pups or to visit when their family is out of town. Kira and Bailey live here with us. All of our dogs are spay/neutered early so they can spend the rest of their time with their families permanently.

Addie, 50 lbs


























Daughter of Sunny and Bentley, sweet Addie is such a special dog.

She is very social to all she meets. Playful at times and loves to snuggle

Always up for a walk or boat ride



Annabelle, 20 lbs













We’re so excited to have Annabelle in our petite mini program.  She has the calm sweetness of any big dog.  She has a gorgeous coat and wonderful disposition.



Carly, 40 lbs



Carly is a homegrown GDA girlfrom Angus and Penny. She’s a smart, inquisitive girl. Calm but curious.  She loves to learn and trains very easily. 



Dakota, 25 lbs




Dakota is pure joy!!  She loves EVERYONE she meets.  She just has such a sweet temperament.  So snuggly and sweet!!!   She lives in a guardian home with her mom, Kenzy.  We are excited to have Dakota as part of our mini program.




Daphne, 35 lbs





Daphne is so smart, loves to learn, curious about everything and everybody. She is extremely social, needs to meet and greet all who come to visit. She has no fear and is a well adjusted little girl.

Daphne loves romping around in the snow, loves swimming in the pool, playing fetch and any game that we introduce to her. Such a joy to have around!!! Bonnie (Guardian)


Emma, 40 lbs





Emma is a happy girl, always ready to play. She had a gorgeous red coat and the cutest “smile.” Her parents are Bentley and Ona.



Fergie, 35 lbs




Fergie is a gentle sweetheart. She loves to snuggle and always has a lot of love to share. Her parents are Bentley and Sunny.



Jane, 20 lbs


“Jane is a spunky sweetheart who loves to meet new people.  Her tail always wags, whether she is playing with other dogs or cuddling with her favorite humans.  Not only is she the happiest dog, but also she brings joy to whoever she’s around.  Some of Jane’s favorite activities:  Running around in the snow, snuggling on top of her humans’ tummies, playing with her stuffed animal puppy, and eating from her dog sister’s bowl of food!  She is the most intelligent, obedient and friendly dog that has charmed our family, friends, and guests alike. ”  Karen C.  (Jane’s guardian)


Katy, 60 lbs

Katy is a beautiful English cream Goldendoodle with lots of personality.  She is a puppy at heart who spreads joy and happiness.  Each day, she enjoys bouncing and sniffing her way along on her walks and loves to feel the wind in her fur on car rides.  She is lovingly devoted to her humans and never misses an opportunity to greet them at the door.

Landry, 20 lbs



Meet Landry!!!    This adorable young lady melts hearts with her sweet face and incredible outlook on life.  She is all personality and lives life to the fullest making us laugh and enjoy life just by being with her!    ️Melinda (Guardian)


Lola, 40 lbs


Lola is a super sweet girl who is from our very own Sophie and Bentley.  She is a happy and friendly girl and we are so excited to have her as part of our program!!

Lucy, 25 lbs

Maggie Rose, 30 lbs



Maggie is ALWAYS a happy pup! She is the daughter of Jazzy and Bentley.

Maggie absolutely loves everyone she meets and insists they love her too. We usually see her doing just two things; trying to get her mom to play (which sometimes Jazzy does not want to) or snuggling with her human sisters. She loves all the attention she gets from her humans and at this time is being ‘trained’ to jump (like a horse) by the youngest. Maggie is always willing to do whatever is asked, as she just wants to make everyone happy. We just love her so much and she always makes us laugh!  Steph (guardian)


Millie, 30 lbs

Millie is a social butterfly. She loves meeting new people and learning new tricks. She often steals the heart of everyone she meets and is always ready for the next adventure. She enjoys playing, cuddling, and long walks.

Molly, 50 lbs


Molly is a true family dog. She lives in a house with a four year old and a two year old who just love her to pieces. She is playful yet gentle with all of their imaginative play, and wants to be exactly where the fun is. She loves running around and playing catch in the backyard, loves her daily walk time, but also just loves to cuddle in front of a TV show with Mama at the end of a long day. She loves everyone she meets (both doggy pals and humans), and always seems to be making new friends that dub her ‘the sweetest dog EVER’! Erin (guardian)

Nilla, 17lbs

Paloma, 25 lbs

Paloma is a home grown favorite here at Goldendoodle Acres.  She is the daughter of Kalea and Teddy.  She is a friendly and happy girl who is well-behaved and loves everyone she meets!!

Polly, 20 lbs



Meet Polly!  She is our little beauty from Kylie x Cooper.  She is simply adorable and is super sweet!  She has a gorgeous fleece coat.  She will be a mom to our petite mini litters.


Remy, 30 lbs




Remy makes our hearts happy! She gets so excited to say good morning and get her daily dose of snuggles! She enjoys playing chase and keep away with her human brothers, and go for walks with her mom and dad. She is very curious and loves to explore the outdoors – or watch out the windows and wait for the squirrels! She is great with people, and loves to play with other dogs.           Hayley (guardian)




Rey, Chocolate Goldendoodle, 40 lbs


Rey is an exceptionally smart and friendly girl who knows lots of tricks.  She is well-behaved, calm and quiet in the house and gets along well with other dogs and of course, people!  We are so excited to have her as part of our breeding program!!


Rylie, 35 lbs




Rylie is one of the girls who lives here with us at Goldendoodle Acres.  She is a joy to everyone she meets, dogs and people alike!  She even likes playing with our 5 cats!  Anyone who likes to play is a friend of Rylie’s!




Stella, 40 lbs

Stella is a great addition to our family. She is such a sweet natured dog and  loves to be where the action is. Stella especially loves kids, cuddling on the couch and car rides. When she meets a new dog all she wants to do is play. Her coat is wavy and super soft. Stella is smart and learns extremely quick.          Carrie (Guardian)

Sundae, 50 lbs





Sundae is a sweet, friendly gal!  She is as gentle and happy as the day is long.  We are so happy to have her as part of our program here at GDA.


Tip, 30 lbs

 Tip loves the first snowfall, chasing leaves, and going on walks. Tip is sweet, sensitive, loveable, and loyal. Tip is priceless!