Our Moms

Please note that all of our girls and boys live in guardian homes where they are well-loved and cherished family members. They only come “home” to our house to have their pups or to visit.. Rylie and Jovie live here with us. All of our dogs are spay/neutered early so they can spend the rest of their time with their families permanently.

Addison, 21 lbs









Addison has woven herself into the fabric of our family. She shares her love easily and celebrates the exciting things in our lives. Addison is also attentive to the harder days and brings a comforting and gentle spirit. She adores cuddling and makes herself at home on our laps for family movie nights. She’s quick to learn new tricks and seems proud to show them off. Her loyal nature and disposition make her more than man’s best friend; she is the entire family’s best friend! ~ Chris D. (Guardian)



Brandy, 34 lbs


Brandy is a soft, sweet and gentle mini Bernedoodle. She is very playful and social with other people, dogs and kids. She easily wins over the hearts of all she greets. She loves car rides, playing with our Goldendoodle, playing in the snow and snuggling. Our family wouldn’t be complete without her. Aimee (Guardian)


Brinley, 27 lbs







Brinley is a sweet, silly girl who loves to be right by your side.  Her favorite activities are playing in the yard with our older Golden Doodle, swimming, and chasing squirrels.  She also loves a good belly rub and snuggles on the couch.  She’s a good listener who hates to disappoint.  We adore her! ~Kaite



Daisy, 30 lbs



Daisy is our sweet, gentle and smart mini goldendoodle. She loves everyone she meets and vise versa. During the day, Daisy loves to chase squirrels and bunnies, as well as going for long neighborhood walks. In the evening Daisy loves to spend her time with our family, whether we’re swimming or cuddled up watching a movie. We are so blessed to have Daisy in our lives, she is an amazing dog.  Fields Family (guardians)

Dakota, 40 Lbs



Dakota is a happy, loving girl. Always ready to go for a walk, play and greet others but also chill, patient and loves to snuggle. She’s amazing with kids and other dogs. And she’s got beautiful hair. She is the best, lovable dog you could ask for. ~ Aimee(Guardian)


Dolly, 42 Lbs


Dolly is a sweet girl that loves people, especially kiddos.
She enjoys her yard, keeping an eye on the neighborhood, chasing birds and squirrels and just relaxing in the sun. She’ll never pass up a game of tug!!
She’s a great traveler and likes to shop!
She’s been a wonderful addition to our retirement life❤️ ~ Cheryl (Guardian)

Ellie, 40 lbs

Ellie is such a happy girl! She loves everyone young and not so young and loves to give hugs. She has so much fun playing with all dogs, large and small and is she is such a good listener. She enjoys car rides and walks and especially going to the cottage, but she prefers to ride on the boat instead of playing in the water. Everyone who meets Ellie thinks she is just the sweetest dog and she is very loved. ~ Julie (Guardian)

Ember, 35 lbs

Ember is a sweet cuddle bug who loves car rides. She gets along with everyone and will greet you with kisses.

Ginger, 33 lbs

Ginger has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She is full of kisses and hugs for those she loves!  Her favorite is playing ball or running laps around our fenced in yard.  She also enjoys going on walks.  Bounding in the snow is another favorite past time.  She is a gentle and fun-loving mini who is full of spunk! ~ Jamie (Guardian)

Hadley, 50 Lbs

Our Happy Hadley always has a doggy smile on her face! She loves to play ball, race other doggy friends, and snuggle on anyone’s lap. She is often complimented on the softness of her wavy cream coat. A loyal friend, she enjoys being close to her favorite people, and is gentle with even the tiniest humans in her family. Hadley is a wonderful listener with the sweetest personality! A social butterfly to humans and animals, she will happily greet any new friend!

Harley, 24 Lbs

Harley is a sweet loving dog who get along with everyone she comes in contact with.

Journey, 20 Lbs

Journey,  born 7.3.2019, a 20# doodle. She loves everyone,  especially children. She also loves dogs and cats. She has a big sister black lab, Gretta, and a brother cat named Riley. Journey just loves life! – Marilyn (Guardian)

Laney, 25 Lbs

Laney is a fun loving, spunky girl. She enjoys going for walks, boat rides, playing with her dog “sister” Sadie, and her other doggie friends. She likes playing with our older son and she has been great with our nieces and nephews of all ages.
Laney loves her people. She follows us around the house to see what we are doing and she loves to cuddle. Laney is very smart and observant of everything in her surroundings.
– Melissa (Guardian)

Lola, 32lbs

Luna, 31 lbs

Luna was born in November 2020. She has grown to be 31 pounds. She is a fun, loving dog. She loves morning cuddles and spends lots of time playing her favorite toys through the day. She loves splashing in the kiddie pool in summer and burrowing in the snow during winter. She enjoys walks and hasn’t met a person, dog, or creature she doesn’t enjoy. She is a smart girl and loves to earn cookies. ~ Tiffany (Guardian)


Nora, 56 Lbs

Nora is a very sweet girl. She loves cuddles and often thinks she is a lap dog. She loves playing with the kids and getting her belly rubbed.

~Pam, Nora’s guardian Mom


Oakley, 40 lbs




Oakley Mae is a wonderful part of our family. She loves being included in everything we do. It could be a walk, car ride, or playing hide and seek with the kids. Her absolute favorite thing is snuggling and a good belly rub.  She is easy going, super smart and likes to know what is going on in our busy household. Oakley Mae is the daughter of Stella and Bentley.  ~Carrie (Guardian)



Penny, 15 lbs


Hi! My name is Penny! I was born in December 2019 ( to Polly and Tucker) and came home with my people in February 2020.I’m told I’m a “petite mini goldendoodle” and I weigh 15lbs, but there is nothing petite about me! I have a big heart and a big love of long walks, cuddles with my people, and cheese. I currently live at home with my mom, dad, and two human brothers. We go on lots of adventures together. I love camping and riding in the car (I am an excellent navigator)! I have lots of toys, and I especially love the ones that squeak. I have a couple of dog friends I hang out with often, and we love to run and chase each other until we are worn out and need a nap. You will know I’ve accepted you as my friend when I roll over and ask you for belly rubs. They’re my favorite. ~ Stephanie (Guardian)


Sunny, 13 lbs

Sunny adds sunshine every where she goes! Her soft, fleecy coat makes petting her irresistible which is perfect because she loves to snuggle on your lap. She was the perfect addition to her guardian family, especially 12 year old big sister Maggie Suki (GDA).

Violet, 26 lbs

Violet is a sweet, loving, playful and curious girl who loves everyone she meets.  She loves being outside, playing fetch and cuddling with her humans.

Willow, 47 lbs




Willow is an energetic, happy go lucky pup! She is always greeting strangers with a wagging tail, eager for some extra pets. Willow is a sweetheart and we are thrilled to have her as a part of our program.