Our Moms

Please note that all of our girls and boys live in guardian homes where they are well-loved and cherished family members. They only come “home” to our house to have their pups or to visit.. Rylie lives here with us. All of our dogs are spay/neutered early so they can spend the rest of their time with their families permanently.

Arlee, 30 Lbs


















Arlee is a smart, sweet, lovable girl. She is a social butterfly and loves to play with every dog she meets. She loves going on walks, swimming up north, playing with the kids & her puppy brother Finn. This sweet girl makes our family complete


Callie, 25 lbs

Charlotte, 40 lbs



I am Princess Charlotte, a two-year-old Goldendoodle (the servants who feed me always seem to forget to use the “princess” part of my name).  I am beautiful apricot and white parti with wide, puppy-like paws. I love it when they bathe my white coat and I always sit still and bask in the warm water and shampoo while they scrub me. I even have my humans trained to throw balls for me – I love to chase them and then carry them around the yard like treasure before eventually returning them to my thrower, who I have trained to repeat the ball tossing.

I especially enjoy playing with my teenage humans since they are the ones who usually parade me around the neighborhood while I have them leashed behind me. Some mornings, the matriarch and I go running, but she forgets to stop and smell for squirrels and I become slightly annoyed. I also enjoy the company of my two two-year-old humans who like to rub my head and ears and sometimes kiss me. I always return the kisses, because that’s the kind of Goldendoodle I am. Since they are all such good humans, I even roll on my back when they rub my belly (so they can reach all the spots, of course).

I have been in my castle for just a month, but I think I have my humans pretty well trained. I will keep you updated on their progress in the coming months but until then, toodaloo! Or, I should say, “Goldendoodle-oo!”

Denali 30 lbs


Denali is really sweet and loves to greet anyone with a wagging tail. She is always up for snuggles while watching a movie and loves a good belly rub. She is gentle and very tolerant.


Ella 55 Lbs


Ella is our gorgeous Golden Bernedoodle. Her mother is half Goldendoodle and half Bernese Mountain Dog her mother, magic (retired). Her father, Vinny, is a Goldendoodle. She is a super sweet happy girl! She loves her family and her favorite pass time is fetching balls. She produces the most gorgeous chocolate and white and black and white puppies with perfect markings! We are so happy to have her in our program!


Emily 20 Lbs



Emily is the daughter of Lila and Cooper.  She loves to run, fetch a ball, and play hide & seek. She loves a party and people but is also content to be home alone with me and snuggle.  Her happiness is contagious and you can’t help but smile when she greets you -pure joy!





Emma, 40 lbs

Emma is a happy girl, always ready to play. She had a gorgeous red coat and the cutest “smile.” Her parents are Bentley and Ona.




Fergie, 35 lbs





Fergie is a gentle sweetheart. She loves to snuggle and always has a lot of love to share. Her parents are Bentley and Sunny.



Gigi, 25 lbs

Gracie, 30 lbs



Gracie is a loyal and affectionate girl. Her favorite activities are playing catch and going on walks. Her playful personality bring great joy to anyone she meets! 



Hadley, 50 Lbs

Izzy is truly a companion dog!  Although social with other dogs, what makes her happy is to be with her humans.  She is always wanting to please and does her best to be obedient.  She is very gentle with our young grandchildren, but loves to play crazy with her dad.   She loves her yard and watching the neighborhood dogs and children, but never strays from her yard.  She has brought us so much love, especially during these unusual times of “Safer at Home” – Terri (Guardian)

Josie, 50lbs


Hi, I’m Josie! I am sweet, gentle and full of fun loving energy!  I am constantly told that I am silly, funny and VERY cute. I love to go for walks and greet any human or dog that I cross paths with! I love chasing rabbits, squirrels and birds (and sometimes leaves) because I want to be their friend, of course. I have an older dog “brother” who tolerates me licking his ears all of the time, playing tug -and my favorite…keep away from him. If I could cuddle with him 24/7, I would! Petting me unconditionally is a must or I will place my paw on you all the while staring at you for more! I love indefinite belly rubs, cuddling on the couch, as well and sneaking up on beds in the middle of the night to be close to my family. I love lots of hugs, kisses, car ride’s, frisbee’s, baths, balls, kids, dogs and most importantly—- TREATS!! I am always a happy, loving dog that enjoys everything to the fullest!  – Pam L. (Guardian)

Jovie 25 Lbs

Katy, 60 lbs




Katy is a beautiful English cream Goldendoodle with lots of personality.  She is a puppy at heart who spreads joy and happiness.  Each day, she enjoys bouncing and sniffing her way along on her walks and loves to feel the wind in her fur on car rides.  She is lovingly devoted to her humans and never misses an opportunity to greet them at the door.


Keelie, 15 lbs

Keelie is a very happy little  girl who loves to fetch balls and frisbees, go for daily walks and chase the geese, and have her belly rubbed and cuddle when finally tired out. She loves every person she meets and is always ready to play and give kisses. She is a very smart dog and brings so much love to our family.



Landry, 20 lbs






Meet Landry!!!    This adorable young lady melts hearts with her sweet face and incredible outlook on life.  She is all personality and lives life to the fullest making us laugh and enjoy life just by being with her!    ️Melinda (Guardian)


Laney, 25 Lbs

Laney is a fun loving, spunky girl. She enjoys going for walks, boat rides, playing with her dog “sister” Sadie, and her other doggie friends. Laney likes playing with our older son and she has been great with our nieces and nephews of all ages.
Laney loves her people. She follows us around the house to see what we are doing and she loves to cuddle. She is very smart and observant of everything in her surroundings.
– Melissa (Guardian)

Layla 50 Lbs


Layla is a loving, kind dog who loves to cuddle with anyone. Layla enjoys going for walks and running on the back 20 acres of land. She is know for taking a walk in the pond from time to time with the other dogs.

Lola, 40 lbs



Lola is a super sweet girl who is from our very own Sophie and Bentley.  She is a happy and friendly girl and we are so excited to have her as part of our program!!

Lucy, 25 lbs

My name is Lucy. Even though I’m only 25lbs, I run our neighborhood dog social club . Every neighborhood needs a dog like me to run the social events such as running around the same tree & barking at the UPS guy so everyone knows he’s here.

I also take pride in my leadership at home. I have a 1 year old human baby sister that needs protection. When we go on walks, I walk nicely next to my human sister’s stroller so nothing will upset her, like birds & other dogs. I lay on the carpet outside of my human sister’s  bedroom door when She is being rocked to sleep to protect her as well. In return, she’s started handing me treats & sometimes I get to clean up the floor after she eats dinner. She giggles a lot when I help clean up.

If I’m not outside or protecting my baby sister, I play my favorite game:fetch. My rabbit is my second favorite toy with which I play fetch. My favorite toy is a moose. Hence, my nickname is Lucy-Moosey.

Lucy Mae, 40 lbs

Lucy Mae is a super sweet  girl homegrown here from Goldendoodle Acres.  Her parents are Love and Angus.  She is a lovely girl who is a great mom!  She has a lovely fleece coat as do all of her puppies and we are so happy to have her as part of our program!

Madeline, 25 lbs


Madeline  is our sweet, snuggly, loving mini golden doodle.  She was instantly loved because of her teddy bear looks.  With her red and white coloring she draws a crowd every time she is out and about.  Maddie loves people beyond belief and loves to make friends with every dog she meets!  She minds her manners and listens so well.  She loves to snuggle on the recliner at night after playing fetch as much as she can during the day.  She loves paddle boarding, swimming, jumping rocks in the river, walks, and most importantly, her daily goal, trying to catch a squirrel or chipmunk!  Cannot imagine our lives without her.


Madison, 25 lbs




Hi, my name is Madison. I love every human I’ve ever met. I live with my mom, dad, brother, sister, and four legged brother Randall who is a large boxer and is my biggest fan.

I’m always in a good mood favorite time of day is when everyone comes home from school and work. If you don’t love tons of kisses and a soft furry pup sitting on your lap, I’m not the dog for you!
I really look forward to playing with (chasing) our outdoor cats. They pretend they don’t but I know deep down inside they love me….. Because everyone does!
I’m very smart and curious.  As a matter of fact, I know It’s just a matter of time before I figure out how to get to our trees to play with all those frisky squirrels in our yard.
I’ma good listener, good eater, sleep well in my crate, great protector, and have never found a toy I can’t destroy. Although I love water I’m not a fan of baths!! I ’m fun loving and my family loves me to death.

Millie, 30 lbs

Millie is a social butterfly. She loves meeting new people and learning new tricks. She often steals the heart of everyone she meets and is always ready for the next adventure. She enjoys playing, cuddling, and long walks.

Mina (Meena), 40 lbs

Hi everyone!

   My name is Mina. My parents were Daisy & Rocky. When my guardian family picked me up, with MY Snuggle puppy, which to this day I have to bring everywhere.
   We went home to meet my WAY bigger stepsister she thought was going to stay boss. Shhhh! I really rule the roost in this house, don’t get me wrong, I’m a very good girl. I love to cuddle with my stepsister & on any lap that is available….as much of me that will fit that is.
One of my ALL time favorite things to do is bike rides! (Mom has a special bike hook up, so we don’t get hurt.) We always stop to say Hi to all the locals, because EVERYONE wants to pet me. We even have bike breaks along our route. My favorite stop is at Carl’s an older fella who I just love. Oh! Can’t forget! My mom walks the bike too! So I can sniff, sniff, sniff around…I have to keep a routine you know.
   Sending love to all! Mina

Molly, 50 lbs



Molly is a true family dog. She lives in a house with a four year old and a two year old who just love her to pieces. She is playful yet gentle with all of their imaginative play, and wants to be exactly where the fun is. She loves running around and playing catch in the backyard, loves her daily walk time, but also just loves to cuddle in front of a TV show with Mama at the end of a long day. She loves everyone she meets (both doggy pals and humans), and always seems to be making new friends that dub her ‘the sweetest dog EVER’! Erin (guardian)

Mya 45 Lbs

Mya is a smart, sweet, loveable girl. She loves to be outside playing in the puppy pool, chasing birds and rabbits, stealing the ball from her fur-sister Lily, and wrestling with her fur-cousin Layla. Although she loves those things very much, Mya loves her humans even more! When she’s not outside, you are sure to find her cuddling by one of her humans or sitting on her mom’s lap. Mya is very bonded with her family and fur-sister and is happiest when they are all home. – Laura (Guardian)

Nilla, 17lbs



Nilla is a warm-hearted, gentle, lovable dog who welcomes everyone she meets with a wag of her tail and a gentle kiss. Nilla plays well with other dogs and loves being a mom to her pups. Nilla has brought such joy into our household and has welcomed her younger sister Frankie in with a lot of play time running around and sharing toys.  Nilla will always take you up on a cuddle and a car ride down the street.    ~ Taylor, guardian


Paislee, 18 lbs


Paislee is the sweetest little girl you could set your eyes on.  Be on guard as the little springs in her feet cause her to jump right into your arms for a shower of kisses.  She loves taking walks or can be happy cuddled under a super soft blankie!  A true WI girl as she is always looking for a cheese handout, or two!!


Rey, Chocolate Goldendoodle, 40 lbs




Rey is an exceptionally smart and friendly girl who knows lots of tricks.  She is well-behaved, calm and quiet in the house and gets along well with other dogs and of course, people!  We are so excited to have her as part of our breeding program!!


Rosy, 40 lbs

Rosy’s parents are Pipa and Angus from GDA. Rosy is loyal, easy going and sweet. She’s always there to comfort with snuggles and greet you with her “smiling face”. You’ll also never be the last one out of a room as she’ll be right there waiting for you. We often refer to her as “Rosy Nosy”…as her little inquisitive nose is usually right there wanting to learn more about what’s going on! Talk about a perfectly well-rounded pup.

Rylie, 35 lbs





Rylie is one of the girls who lives here with us at Goldendoodle Acres.  She is a joy to everyone she meets, dogs and people alike!  She even likes playing with our 5 cats!  Anyone who likes to play is a friend of Rylie’s!




Sadie, 40 lbs

Sadie is such a happy dog. She loves to be outside and chase the squirrels and birds. She is also very good with small children. She is a protector of all of our girls.  She loves to play outside or just sit out in the sun.


Sansa is such a well behaved and loving dog.  She always knows when you need some cheering up, and is the first to cuddle up next to you and lay her head in your lap.  She loves to learn new things and catches on to new tricks very quickly.  She enjoys going for runs and is always up for a game of tug of war. Everywhere we go, people always comments on how great her temperament is and how gentle she is with the young kids. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful addition to our family! – Sansa’s Guardian Family


Stella, 40 lbs




Stella is a great addition to our family. She is such a sweet natured dog and  loves to be where the action is. Stella especially loves kids, cuddling on the couch and car rides. When she meets a new dog all she wants to do is play. Her coat is wavy and super soft. Stella is smart and learns extremely quick.          Carrie (Guardian)

Tess, 20 lbs

Tess is our 20 lb homegrown GDA girl from Paloma and Bentley.  She loves to follow her guardian mom around the house and be involved in all that she is doing.  Tess loves naps, warm laps and grandkids.  She never gets tired of hugs and kisses.  She always turns heads when we take her for a walk.  People will stop and ask us “what kind of puppy is she and where can they find one like her?”  Of course, we always tell them that she’s from Golden Doodle Acres! 

Dean (guardian)

Tillie, 35 lbs


Tillie is the daughter of our Rylie.  She is a happy funny-loving girl (like her mom) who

loves car rides, boat rides, & walks.

She plays well with all breeds & sizes.

Enjoys chasing down tennis balls in the backyard.

Zoey, 50 lbs



Zoey is a big silly and super sweet girl!  She is one of our home grown pups from our Sunny and Bentley.  Zoey is always happy and with good reason:  She lives with her wonderful guardian family with lots of kiddos and another dog to play with!