Welcome to Goldendoodle Acres, your Midwest Goldendoodle and Double Doodle breeder specialists. We are located in Neenah, WI.   License #486064

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At Goldendoodle Acres, we strive for perfection!  We pride ourselves on our consistent efforts to produce pups with:

  1. Great genetics
  2. Great temperaments
  3. Great looks

Lots of passion and hard work goes into raising our pups!  Every pup gets:

  1. Health certified parents
  2. Early Neurological Stimulation
  3. Handling multiple times per day by family members and GDA staff
  4. Intro to Clicker Training
  5. Leash introduction
  6. Noise Desensitization
  7. Top quality food and vitamins
  8. Vaccinations
  9. Deworming meds
  10. Litter Box Training starting at three weeks of age
  11. Introduction to various Surfaces
  12. Indoor and Outdoor Playtime
  13. Weekly baths, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trims to get them ready to be good at the Groomer’s
  14. Individual Puppy Exam at six weeks of age
  15. Microchip registered to the new owner

We specialize in:
Petite mini Goldendoodles (15 lbs – 25 lbs)
Mini Goldendoodles ( 25 lbs – 35 lbs)
Medium Goldendoodles (35 lbs – 50 lbs)
Standard Goldendoodles (50 lbs – 70 lbs)

We also offer a wide variety of colors:

  1. Creams, Apricots, and Reds
  2. Chocolates
  3. Blacks
  4. Parti coat pattern (partially white)  Any of the above colors but with at least 50% of the coat being white.

Goldendoodle Acres has a waiting list so anyone who submits an application and is approved can get on it with a deposit.  When a litter becomes available in the size you’re looking for; you will be notified.  You may opt to choose a pup from that litter or wait until the next litter in your size category becomes available.  You won’t lose your position on the general waiting list if you pass on a litter.  You stay right at the top until a pup becomes available that suits your preference for gender, color, time of year, coat texture, etc.  If you’re looking for a happy, healthy pup with great genetics and temperament, it could be less of a wait time.  If you prefer a cream, curly, male only,  for example, we’re happy to accommodate.  Just know, you may have to wait a bit longer if your preferences are very specific.

All of our breeding dogs live in Guardian Homes. That means that no dog lives in a kennel.  Each one lives with a family who loves and cherishes them.

Want to master being a great dog owner??

ORDER this Training Series NOW!  You should have to first unit completed BEFORE you get your pup.

Put in the code GDA for a 25% discount. Amy Jensen has weekly live training, a private FB page, answers any questions you may have regarding training, and will even Facetime you with your pup so she can see what/how your pup is doing…