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For your convenience, Goldendoodle Acres has put together a clickable list of items you’ll need for your puppy.


Must Haves

Tylosine Soluble Powder, 100-g

Tylan is an antibiotic food additive used in veterinary medicine to treat bacterial infections in a wide range of species, including farm animals. Veterinarians often use this powder to treat the symptoms of colitis and diarrhea in companion animals.

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Canine Handbook for Goldendoodles

Goldendoodle Acres is proud to be featured in “The Goldendoodle Handbook: The Essential Guide For New & Prospective Goldendoodle Owners” book.

Collars and Leashes

Collar – x-small for brining puppy home
Leash – 6ft walking leash
Retractable leash – for potty only

Food and Water Bowls

Ceramic is the best for cleaning and not being spilled

Dog Beds

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Use code ACRES at checkout for discount

Kennels and Crates (sizes)

Petites-24″ wire crate – crate and cover available in pink, blue or black
Minis-30″ wire crate –
crate and cover available in black
Medium-36″ wire crate –
crate and cover available in black
Standard-36-42″ wire crate –
crate and cover available in black

An adjustable divider is a must and not all crates come with one.

Opens for outdoors or for kitchen use when you can’t 100% supervise play time. Get a 36″ as most puppies can climb out of a 24″ by 10 weeks of age.




Desensitization CDs

Flea and Tick


Slicker brush – large – this is my all time favorite brush
Nail clippers –
clip nails monthly
Some people prefer to dremel the nail to prevent bleeding
Metal comb –
7.25 inch – for use after the slicker brush to find matts forming
Safari dematting combs are awesome!
One for coat and the smaller one for the face

Cowboy Magic will leave a silky tangle-free coat that smells terrific! (detangler that promotes soft silky coats)

Good dental hygiene is important

Sprayers that hook to faucets make bath time easier

Teething Chews and Toys

A variety of safe toys, alternate which ones you put in the crate so your puppy is always occupied.

Toys for SMART dogs


Bitter Apple (to prevent chewing)
Potty bells – the quickest way for your puppy to learn to ask out.
Chew Deterant – a must have!
Bitter Apple to prevent chewing
Odor/Stain Eliminator – another must have!
Trash cans need to have lids to keep puppies out!

Goldendoodle Acres is proud to be featured in the new “Owner’s Guide from Puppy to Old Age Goldendoodles” book.