Hi Janece,

Attached please find the spay certificate for Ruby (Maggie’s Yellow collar) along with a recent photo.

She is just the most awesome dog and we love her to pieces. She’s super sweet, super smart and has fit into our family so well we can’t imagine life without her. (The house was to quiet the night she spent at the vet). We have been in obedience and she is doing very well- admittedly she knows when we are there she has to listen and behave and she tests us a little more when we’re at home : ) She also met Finley, one of Bailey’s pups who is also there in training.

This thank you is a long time coming, but I wanted to Thank you for first of all taking the time with me on the phone when we first inquired about adoption and of course our fabulous Ruby! Although we don’t have anything to compare to, the whole adoption experience was terrific and we really felt more armed and prepared to bring Ruby home than if we had just picked her up and left.

Hope everything is going well at Golden Doodle Acres. Have a great summer.

Stephanie W