Hi Janece!

I have had you on my list of people with whom to follow up for a while now! Our family has been enjoying the delights of puppyhood with Archie, our mild-mannered boy. Please enjoy these fun photos of the past 6 months with Arch.

He is a sweet, smart guy who gives (and receives!) lots of love and care. We are loving his calm nature and funny quirks (he gives new meaning to the Yoga Pose “down dog” and loves to do tricks). He rings his bell (quietly!) when he needs to go out, and barks only occasionally. At puppy class, he is very excited and thrilled to meet new dogs, but a bit submissive when interacting, which is perfectly fine with us! We have found a lovely, helpful trainer who helped get us through the potty training phase and get going on some good positive family interactions.He has been very healthy, and had his neutering surgery last week, which went very smoothly. We are still experimenting with the grooming routines–occasionally his coat gets long and in his eyes, so we’ve had his face trimmed a few times but haven’t given him a full haircut yet. We love his coat (no mats at all!) and we’re easing in! 

Everyone who meets him loves Archie’s sweet nature, his soft coat and mild-mannered ways. We are grateful to you for raising such sweet dogs.

Thanks for everything,

The Griffins (Vanessa, Chris, Maeve, Owen & Archibald)